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Οδηγοί / Χρήσιμο Υλικό

1. Programme_architecture

tex 1. Interreg MED strategic framework

tex 2. Interreg MED Modular projects

tex 3. Interreg MED Horizontal projects

tex 4. Axis 4 Platform Project

2. Developing_a_project

tex5. One-phase Application procedure

tex6. Two-phase Application procedure

tex7. Partnership architecture, requirements and relevance

tex8. Partners cofinancing and location of project activities 2.2_20180116

tex9. Appraisal of project proposals (eligibility & assessment

tex10. Sound project budget

tex11. Type of activities and deliverables

texProject intervention logic

3. Project_management

tex12. Contracting procedures

tex13. Project start up

tex14. Support for project implementation

tex15. Methodological tools for preparation and implementation

tex16. Lead Partner role

tex17. Reporting procedure

tex18. Verification for multimodular projects V2_20190128

tex30. Project modifications_ 20170505

tex34. Closing procedure

4. Key_principles_and_standards

tex 19. Quality expectations and criteria

tex 20. Standards for activities and productions

tex 22. Greening and Social inclusion

tex 25. Risk of fraud and conflict of interest V2_ 08 2018

5. Project communication

tex 23. Project_branding_information_and publicity_rules

tex 24. Designing_your_communication_strategy

tex 25. Internal_communication_community_building

tex 26. Interreg_MED_web_platform

6. Financial_issues

tex 19. Eligibility of expenditures V5.3_20200415

tex 19. Eligibility of expenditures V5_20191212

tex 19.Annex Eligibility of expenditures COVID19 V1_20200316

tex 21. Public Procurement V2_20180731

tex 28. State Aid

tex 30. Control, audits and verifications

tex 31. De-commitment

tex 32. Net revenues

tex 35. Reporting ineligible expenditure declared to EC

tex 41. Bank information and payments

tex Equipment_exclusive_use_V1_ACRONYM_Partner

tex Job_description_declaration_V2_ACONYM_Partner_Name

tex List_of_staff_V1_ACRONYME_Partenaire

7. Resolution of complaints

tex 33. Resolution of complaints

8. Personal data protection

tex 40. General Data protection regulation


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