Basic Research Program K.Karatheodori

The University of Patras is implementing since 1998 the "K. Karatheodori" program addressed to research capacity. It is one of the ways to strengthen basic research. After two years without advertised understeer because of the reduced appropriations, by decision of the Research Committee announced in 2013 the call for new proposals to finance research projects two categories: (a) basic research with main beneficiaries young researchers (graduate and doctoral candidates) and (b) fundamental research main beneficiaries experienced researchers (post-doctoral).

The objective of the "K. Karatheodori" Program is to strengthen the faculty members of lower grades mainly to enable them to implement their research ideas and strengthen their research activities and to support young researchers and experienced post-doctoral researchers. It also sought financial support of fundamental research in areas that do not receive funding from the broader national or other research programs. The "K. Karatheodori" program financially supported by the revenues of the Research Committee.

The notice of 2013, "Karatheodori-Research Fellowships Program*" will be financed at most 18 proposals involving graduate students, of whom, 14 submitted by Lecturers and Assistant Professors of University of Patras, 4 of Deputies and teachers of the University of Patras. The level of funding is set at 11.000 € per year for 3 years.

More about the announcement of the "Karatheodori - Research Scholarships" download file Basic Research Program "Κ. Κaratheodori" Proclamation 2013

The notice "Karatheodori-Postdocs Program" of 2013 funded pilot six proposals. Scientific Coordinators of proposals must be faculty members of the University of Patras in cooperation with the recipient post-doctoral researcher. The level of funding per project set at 25750 € per year for two years. More information about the announcement of these grants will be found on file  Support Program Post - doctoral Research "Κ. Karatheodori" Proclamation 2013.

For the statement of primary and secondary disciplines of proposals to be submitted, please consult the following table:

Classification Table for Scientific and Technological Specialities

Approved Projects

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Evaluation of Research Results

1998 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 2010 2013