Research Committee (ELKE) of University of Patras was established pursuant to the Joint Ministerial Decision no. KA / 679 / 22.8.1996 (modification and replacement of no. B1 / 819 / 12.20.88). The main purpose of the Research Committee is to manage funds from any source, intended for the implementation of research programs, training and development projects and studies, according to the rules of the funding body, the Guide of the University of Patras financing and the existing institutional framework.

Administration and management bodies of ELKE is the Research Committee and the Secretariat of the Research Committee. The Research Committee of the University of Patras consists of representatives of all the faculties, elected for three-year term and chaired by the respective Deputy Rector for Research issues.



Research Committee

The responsibilities of the Research Committee of the University of Patras, defined in Article 4, paragraph. 6 (a) - (n) of no. KA / 679/96 Ministerial Decision. In summary, the main responsibilities of the Research Committee are:

a. Prepares reports to the Senate of the University for the research policy of the institution.

b. It assists the Rector and the Senate in the coordination of research, education and training projects financed through the Special Account and make recommendations on measures to ensure resources Account.

c. Proposes to the Senate, according to established procedures, ways of evaluation, selection, financing, payment of expenditure and receipt of the results of educational, research, technological projects and general projects undertaken.

d. To approve, according to the above procedures, proposals for funding research, technology, education and training projects from the Account with the cooperation of faculties, departments and sectors, and in the context of ELKE’s funding Guide.

e. Adopts an annual scientific and financial budget and account movement account and provide all necessary information to the Rector, the Senate, the Ministers of Education, Development, Finance and other stakeholders, with exhibitions and special publications.

f. Prepares the Funding Guide of the Special Account and the Regulation concerning the placing of products derived from research projects (patents, software, construction, etc.) and the fees of having rights therein. The regulation approved by the Senate and is part of the Funding Guide.

g. Instructs studies fee for the service of the objectives of the University staff or third parties, after documenting the feasibility and the procedures laid down in the financing Guide.

h. Accepts all kinds of grants, donations and contributions to third Account and establishes the specific conditions for admission and their Disposal.

i. Seeks sources of financing of the Account and any action that is necessary to secure financial resources.

j. Cares to inform the scientific community of the University on programs and projects that come to its attention.

k. Scholarships under a special procedure adopted by the Senate under the Funding Guide of Article 9 of this Decision.

l. Recruits qualified personnel for the staffing of the Secretariat.

m. Supervises the work of the Secretariat and appoint the executive.

n. Keeps record of final reports of funded via the Account programs and projects.

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ELKE Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Research Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Monitors the accounting and management traffic ELKE
  • Serves the Research Committee and make recommendations on matters within its competence.
  • Studies and processes the directions specified by the Commission shall submit to the Commission proposals for new directions.
  • Ensures the execution of Commission decisions.

Today, the Secretariat maintains the following management structure:

Deputy Head of Secretariat of the Special Account: .gr Mavroidi

Head of the Budget and Financial Management: Irene Mavroidi